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Founded in December 2020, 1ST-LABS is committed to enterprise IP incubation and investment management services starting from excellent creativity and angel investment, and investing in industry, making every effort to build electronic technology research and development support service system, building an efficient venture capital incubation and management platform, and promoting a new technology innovation investment and incubation management model with industry as the carrier. Accelerate the industrialization of science and technology, improve the success rate of science and technology enterprise incubation, and comprehensively promote the development of science and technology industry.

Relying on rich background and experience in industrial capital and electronic research and development, 1ST-LABS focuses on business incubation operation management, support platform operation management, IP investment operation management of electronic products and embedded hardware and software systems.

Entrepreneur Dream Lab 1ST-LABS: We strive to build 1ST-LABS entrepreneurial dream incubation platform to provide a space and platform for entrepreneurs in the field of electronic technology to realize their dreams.

Comprehensive R&D engineering services: Professional and efficient embedded software development, system hardware principle design and development, Layout, PCB processing, component preparation, SMT/PCBA, process optimization, CCC, UL, CE certification support and rectification optimization, CNC processing, research and development of rapid proofing and mass production manufacturing base.

IP incubation and angel investment management: Dedicated to IP incubation and angel investment management services starting from excellent ideas and angel investments.

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Embedded soft hardware
Electronic Product design

EECraftsman focuses on technological innovation, and provides product design, MCU / ARM / DSP / FPGA circuit principle design, embedded hardware and software development, PCB Layout, reverse engineering, chip signal analysis and other comprehensive electronic R & D design services for various enterprises, research institutes, universities, R & D centers, etc. At the same time, with many years of experience in product design and optimization, we provide product marketing services such as mass production optimization, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, CCC / UL / CE certification and rectification.

Incubation Management
Key Technology Consulting

Focus talents will provide a full range of services, not only providing industry expert consulting services to quickly solve the technical problems of start-ups, but also providing headhunting and human resources establishment and management services for entrepreneurial teams.
The original technology development capability evaluation system of focus-talents will provide comprehensive evaluation and feedback on the professional skills of embedded hardware and software technicians in the electronics industry, laying a solid foundation for the accurate matching of related positions and the retraining and improvement of professional skills.

R&D SMT Polit Run
PCBA Intelligent Manufacturing

KnowHow-Tech provides one-stop services from PCB processing, component procurement, DFT/DFM optimization, SMT/PCBA welding assembly, test tooling, product function and performance testing, complete assembly, packaging and transportation. The flexible manufacturing system of KnowHow-Tech is not only supports the rapid delivery of R & D samples within 3 working days, but also provides pilot and mass production services in line with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and IATF16949 quality systems, supporting the whole process manufacturing services from R & D to mass production.

High-tech Enterprise Declaration
IP Application Consultant

IP-Plant's high level declaration and intellectual property application advisory team not only provides a full range of appearance patents, utility model patents, invention patents, software Copyrights, integrated circuit wiring diagrams, trademark registration and other application advisory services. For science and technology enterprises, IP-Plant provides professional services such as high-tech enterprise certification application consultant and guidance, innovation fund application consultant and so on.
IP-Plant escorts customers' scientific and technological innovation, is committed to fully protecting customers' intellectual achievements.

Group & Associated Enterprise Development Map

Corporate Vision

To build a professional R & D engineering service platform, promote the development of science and technology industry, build a sound science and technology entrepreneurship incubation system, and become the founder of advanced technology.

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